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Here at Kini we are dedicated to providing swimwear that lets your personality shine through, so we have a range of options for creating beautiful vintage bikinis alongside our modern and high fashion choices. Vintage swimwear has been a huge trend over the last few years, and it is currently one of the biggest styles in Australia!

Vintage swimwear Marilyn Monroe
Image taken from Funscrape.

From Marilyn Monroe in the 1950’s to Taylor Swift this year, the vintage bikini remains a fixed favourite for swimwear. One of the easiest styles to wear, it is flattering on every body shape, and hugely glamorous without revealing too much skin. The vintage beach look is definitely one of our favourites and we have put together a few tips on helping you to design your own bespoke retro inspired bikini.

Our favourite option for your vintage two piece, is the high waisted pant option, traditionally favoured by retro swimwear and hugely fashionable.


These bottoms work beautifully on every body shape, attracting attention to the waist and emphasising curves. You could add a modern print to swimwear in this shape to add a unique twist to the glamourous style, or stick to traditional patterns and colour schemes to recreate a totally vintage beach look.

This Asos bikini is a beautiful update on a classic style, for example.

Ally from Substance Blog created a stunning two piece with Kini using a high waisted pant and a polka dot print, a style often used in vintage swimwear. Inspired by the retro bikinis of the 70’s, Ally’s Kini is a beautiful bespoke piece which celebrates this trend. For more images of Ally’s swimwear look here.


If you are as in love with Ally’s piece as we are, it is available now in our ready to wear shop.

When it comes to choosing your top, you should choose something that also flatters your body shape.

Our underwire and halter neck style bikini tops.

For girls with a smaller bust, such as triangle or athletic shaped girls, our underwired bikini top is the perfect option. The underwired bikini is a staple item in vintage swimwear, often used in bikinis of the 50’s, and it will also help to maximise your assets. For a little more help in that area, you could also consider adding some padding to your top.

Brigitte Bardot rocking the underwired bikini in 1964. Image taken from Bikini Science.

For larger busted ladies, we recommend that you step away from traditionally strappy bikinis as they can broaden your shoulders and not provide you with the right support. Instead, a halter top is best for your body shape and ties in beautifully with vintage swimwear.


1940’s actress Ann Sheridan works the halter top style. Image taken from Glamour.

Although you could revitalise these classic shapes with bold, bright colours and prints, if you are going for the vintage look we would recommend sticking to polka dot or nautical prints. Polka dots are one of our favourite prints at the moment, and creates an instant retro vibe. Ally from Substance Blog’s navy and white polka dot bikini, for example, is a beautiful take on the retro look and we are also loving this red choice by Taylor Swift, who channels old school glamour in this two piece. For some more tips on wearing polka dots this summer, take a look at our guide.

Polka dot trend summer
Image taken from The Daily Mail.

Nautical stripes are another way to style up your swimwear for a vintage inspired look, and for ultimate retro glam we would recommend using white stripes against navy, black, red or green. The retro nautical bikini is so on trend, Cleo featured our design in their swimwear must haves this summer! For some ideas on sprucing up your stripes take a look at our guide.


Have a go at creating your own bespoke vintage swimwear in our design room and send us any snaps, we love seeing what you come up with!
Georgie Morris

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