The Sports Luxe Effect. Amanda Bisk X Kini Swimwear


Athletics met beachwear when Kini Swimwear met Amanda Bisk. Who says you can’t be stylish and sporty at the same time? That’s why it’s called sports luxe and the former pole vault competitor does this better than anyone, especially when it comes to our latest collab when Amanda designed two exclusive bikinis for us.

The former Australian athlete turned fitness guru has made a name for herself by being a motivational spirit with multiple qualifications as a heath professional and fitness instructor. While her dreams of becoming an Olympic champion may not have happened the way she planned, she did not let that get in her way and used her personal set back as a lesson to begin a new and exciting venture. Who better than an ex athlete to teach others about healthy living and exercise? Who better indeed and this is exactly what Amanda came to realise when she decided to take all her knowledge, passion and motivation and put it into her venture of online health blogger and mentor. Through her blog she advises others on healthy eating, yoga stretches and the best exercises for daily routines. She provides motivational mantras and inspiration using her personal experiences and routines as encouragement and teaches everyone that a little a day goes a long way. She shows you what to do and she tells you why all on her blog.

So what’s better than a motivational blog? Two adorable sporty bikinis designed exclusively by her for you is what. It’s known through her blog that Amanda’s’ favourite spot to exercise at is the beach, using the sand as a soft surface for all her yoga hand-stands. So it’s only fitting that she design some bikinis, something stunning yet practical for beach workouts.

Both of her designs bring all the best parts of custom bikinis together with practicality and style. The monochrome combination on both keeps them on trend and classic and ensures it will suit anyone. Sports luxe really shines through in every aspect of these looks.

Her first design: Race Ya! includes a racer top which has that surfer girl/wetsuit vibe that holds everything together, perfect for doing exercises on the beach and getting active in the water. A little pattern goes a long way to break up the black and white colour block as the striped animal-like print used on the briefs is included around the neck. A way to break up the look also ties the bottom together with the top. To complete her design, she includes skinny bottoms which are lightweight and minimal, allowing extra movement that doesn’t restrict you in any way, perfect for those sunset stretches while still looking chic and stylish.

IMG_1100-6 IMG_1117

Following on with the sports luxe, minimal and practical theme, her second look: Fluro Pop ads just a dash of delicacy and colour. Opposite to the first wetsuit look, the triangle top caters to the more current top styles that’s so popular and better suits the needs of many beach goers. It covers less skin and is possibly the better option for the more bustier girls, and for those who like the athletic look but aren’t so active themselves. The green straps on this top makes for a little pop of colour, a subtle accent that makes it unique, adding a little personalisation to an otherwise basic scheme. The black bottoms don’t overpower the look and allow the green pop to stand out even more, making the overall style simple. The skinnies allowing easy movement and bringing back that style, just like her first look.

Both of these designs perfectly encapsulates Amanda and her lifestyle and is ideal for those active girls looking for something more sports luxe in their swimwear. With two designs to choose from, each one provides something different to suit everyone while both sticking to that athletic feel, making them great for the more sporty girl.


Written by Sheree Di-Lorenzo

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