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ModCloth, we salute you

We are huge believers that everyone can look fabulous in their swimwear, in fact one of our favourite lines is ‘if you have a bikini and a body then you have a bikini body.’ So we were truly delighted to see American retailer ModCloth send such a beautifully positive message to the world.

Image taken from ModCloth.

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Be Confident In Your Bikini Body

Being confident in a bikini is easier said than done. Everyone should be proud of their body, but as the weather heats up, women start covering up. Unfortunately, we tend to look for flaws instead of recognising assets, and forget to appreciate the gorgeous goods we’ve been blessed with. The difficulty of finding a comfortable, flattering and stylish swimsuit adds to the problem – and suddenly finding the perfect pair of bikinis seems impossible. However, your body is not to blame. Having two arms, two legs, a belly, boobs and a bum is something to be grateful for.

How to get a bikini body.
1. Put a bikini on your body

Women come in a range of different body shapes, but swimwear doesn’t always cater to them. At Kini Swimwear, we celebrate every shape and size, and provide you with a way to design your own gorgeous piece of custom swimwear. Nobody knows your body better than you do, so why not create something that makes you look and feel better than ever? Gone are the days of finding the perfect print in the wrong size, or a flattering swimsuit in a terrible colour. When you design a custom bikini with Kini Swimwear, you can have the best of everything.


Determining your body shape is the easiest way to find flattering swimwear. Different body shapes suit different bikini styles, so knowing yours will help you narrow down the search. For example, bandeau tops are great for those with smaller boobs and halter neck styles offer support for those with bigger busts. Prints and frills can draw attention towards your assets and away from body parts you don’t like.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 11.06.34 am

Tips and tricks like these are great, but the most important part of feeling confident in your bikini body is to remind yourself of the positives – like how amazing you look and feel! We want you to wear your assets with pride, no matter their shape and size. After all, not everyone is lucky enough to keep theirs.

Next time you question the size of your chest or why one boob is bigger than the other – remind yourself that there are women living without their breasts. Women whose struggle with body-image and their bikini body is far greater. Spread the love – for every custom kini designed during the month of October, we will be donating a portion of the sale to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to support the fight against breast cancer.

Creating a piece of custom swimwear is the best way to ensure you have a bikini you love ready to wear for summer. Start designing, and wear your bikini body with confidence!

– Jemma xx

10 Toning Exercises for a Bikini Body


Image via Refinery29

It can be hard to stay in shape during Winter, when snuggling in bed and eating hot, delicious food is all you want to do. As the first day of Summer draws closer and more skin is exposed, people begin to worry about their bikini bodies. Here at Kini we love bodies of all shapes and sizes, and we want you to embrace what you’ve got! But we also know that exercising is a great way to boost your confidence in a bikini and keep you healthy, so we want to share some tips with you. Here are the Top 10 Toning Exercises to help you reach your summer body goals – no equipment needed!

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