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In The Press: Daily Addict

This month Style directory DailyAddict.com have included us in their feature on bespoke fashion!

A great article and online guide that takes you through all of the brands that offer custom-made attire. From footwear, jewellery and jeans to (most importantly) swimwear! Now you can always have the perfect fit in all aspects of your style!

Brands such as Shoesofprey.com and Stylerocks.com have adopted the same concept of create-your-own that we live by at Kini, and applied the idea to create bespoke shoes and jewellery respectively. It is completely possible to have everything you want your way!

We know all to well the benefits of creating your own, but if you need any more convincing, you can read about it at http://bit.ly/1wvhPYc.


Hello There Sailor Babe!

If you are in need of a dose of summer, style or just some general life inspiration check out the Tumblr page from the gorgeous fashion blogger Jessie from the blog Fashion And Sounds.

Her Tumblr has been providing us with the perfect source of visual inspiration for the warmer months. It is loaded with amazing fashion, lifestyle and beach images which are keeping us excited for summer! It also includes a cheeky little Kini Swimwear custom Kini feature, with Jessie choosing to create the perfect nautical sailor two-piece Kini!

Have a looksie at http://bit.ly/12lAtXD



Cosmopolitan floral custom kini

In the Press – Cosmopolitan

Here at Kini, we understand the stress filled nightmare that is bikini shopping, so we were ecstatic to read November’s issue of Cosmopolitan and their feature on finding your perfect bikini, and we were even more excited to see that Kini had made their hot list!Cosmopolitan floral custom kini Continue reading

In The Press: Aloha Everbody Loves Kini

We are super excited about our mention in Aloha Everybodys’ Spring Summer 14-15 Swimwear Guide, the go-to guide for everything you need to know about swimwear this summer.

Aloha Everybody are once again keeping us up to date with some of the hottest trends in swimwear such as racer fronts, sleeves and wetsuit shaping (some of which we have coming soon to Kini so keep your eyes peeled for announcements on new styles) and the best insider stylist tips on how to wear certain styles to maximise your style on the beach.

They also are letting us in on all the hottest up-and-coming swimwear labels you need to know about in order to fill all of your bikini bikini wishes, such as Sets Of Seven, SKYE And Staghorn and of course.. Kini Swimwear!

If you need to scrub up on your Bikini knowledge or want to check out the write up on us, we highly recommend http://bit.ly/1wsh0gX


Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 1.12.21 pm

The Monochrome Bikini X Everything Hauler – Rachael Dickhute

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Monochrome is having its time in the sun this summer proving to be a popular look with many choosing black and white for their own bikinis including blogger Rachael Dickhute. It’s not hard to see why it’s so popular, the black and white combo is classic. It has been featured on this years New York Fashion Week runway shows, constantly seen in street style and it makes an appearance in swimwear every season. Monochrome is revolutionary.

Continue reading

In The Press: Rag Trader And The Summer Of Custom

We are officially on the radar for summer! Imagine our excitement when we saw that our favourite Aussie fashion publication (and essential style bible) Rag Trader did a little feature on the trend of customizable swimwear, of which Kini Swimwear is at the forefront!

The article includes a mention of our array of amazing up-coming new styles, prints and blogger-babe collaborations that are coming soon to Kini! Check out the Rag Traders article at http://bit.ly/1wh5nge