Striped swimwear

Spring into Stripes

Stripes are a classic trend that never go out of fashion, and they are proving to be a popular choice once again for summer 2014. Celebrities and fashion bloggers have joined in with the love for all things nautical, but it can be a daunting trend as you want the stripes to work with your body and you also want to stand out in your swimwear, no one wants to be playing Where’s Wally on the beach.

Image taken from Where’s Wally products.

Earn your Stripes.
The direction of your stripes can have a surprisingly big impact upon your body shape, so it is important to choose carefully when deciding on the design of your nautical themed bikini. The mantra ‘vertical stripes are slimming’ seems key here, but actually by combining both vertical and horizontal stripes you can create a look which will subtly enhance your figure whilst adding a stylish twist to a striped bikini.

Image taken from The Daily Mail.

Mixing Stripes
Taking inspiration from fashion blogger Kristen Sundberg in her Kini two piece, we are in love with her arrangement of horizontal and vertical stripes.
As you can see, Kristen gorgeously accentuates her athletic frame by using vertical stripes in the middle panels which elongates her legs and torso. By using horizontal stripes on the side panels of her swimwear she defines her curves, creating an hourglass effect as the eye lines up the patterns on her hips and waist.

Another example of how you could use stripes to enhance body shapes is by using horizontal stripes across the cup of your bikini to widen your bust whilst using vertical stripes everywhere else. A sneaky technique perfect for pear shaped ladies!

Striped swimwear
Photo taken from Kristen’s blog, take a look for more gorgeous photos.

Sporty Stripes
Sports luxe is another big trend to be hitting the beach this year, so why not combine the two? The racer style top is a stunning new addition to Kini’s line and we love the way that TOWIE star Lauren Pope’s nautical themed two piece taps in to sports luxe. The top is also perfectly shaped for combining with a skirt or shorts.

Stripes bikini trend
Image taken from The Daily Mail.

Vintage Stripes

Another idea for adding a unique twist to your striped swimwear is by channeling the classic nautical pin up girl of the 1940’s with a retro inspired full brief and halter top. Taylor Swift looks stunning here in her vintage inspired two piece, but like Taylor, if you are going for a vintage look, stick to white stripes paired with either red, blue or black.

Striped swimwear Taylor swift
Image taken from Pinterest.

Stripes and Spots.
Experimenting with different directions and colours is definitely one way to get your stripes noticed, but why not go for something a little more original and team them with polka dots? It sounds a little out there, but if you tie the two patterns together with a matching colour scheme, the combination can look stunning. This beautiful piece is tied together with it’s monochrome colour scheme, making the original design simultaneously look elegant and classy.
If polka dots are more your thing than stripes though, head over to our blog on rocking spots this summer here.

Stripes spots
Image taken from our own Instagram.

Stripes and Florals
Another way of injecting personality into your stripes is to mix with a clashing print, such as a flirty floral design. Stripes and florals may seem like opposite styles, but embrace the difference and pit them against each other. This design, for example, contrasts an angular triangle top with nautical print with a girly floral ruffle and we think it makes for a stunning piece.

Stripes trend florals
Image taken from our own Instagram.

Written by Georgie Morris

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