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Kini Swimwear and blogger Lisa Hamilton have officially joined forces with an exciting new collaboration that saw Lisa create her very own pair of bikini’s with us.

Lisa Hamilton is the resident blogger and owner of See Want Shop, a blog dedicated to bringing readers regular inspiration in the way of personal style, travel, lifestyle and health. See Want Shop is her little place on the web where she can show and tell about her personal likes, preferences, places she enjoys travelling to and where she likes to shop. She likes creating vision boards with photography and images usually sticking to a theme to inspire and motivate. It’s also her place where she can recommend to her readers where to shop for her outfits and things that she likes. As a health care professional, she uses her social media and Instagram to post health inspired images, also aiming to motivate her readers.

Lisa was perfect to collaborate with because she captures the Kini style and brand wonderfully with her carefree style and health minded lifestyle, her effortlessly beachy hair and vibe making her fit in well. Her style is classic and effortless and she sticks to a basic palette of neutrals, black and white. Her look is very natural and very easy going, she captures the essence of Australians easily with her light, chic styling. In every image she posts she gives off a very chic vibe, her style tip toeing on minimal with an almost normcore appeal. She is influenced by – and influences – street style and current trends while also sticking to her very personalised edge, always styling to suit both her likes, the trends and her shape.

While designing her bikini’s she keeps her personal style in the forefront of her mind, keeping it minimal yet stylish and very on trend.

seewantshop white front

Her first bikini is a sleek basic white featuring a 1950’s underwire top and high waisted bottom.

This one represents Lisa and her style better than anything else she could have designed. It sticks to her usual look of all white styling keeping it sleek and simple and very classic. The underwire top and high waisted bottoms together make it quite vintage looking with a twist of pin-up. It’s chic but also quite sassy and the simple minimal white keeps to that on-trend normcore style which is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser with minimalist enthusiasts who love all things white.

Simply scrolling through See Want Shop for 5 minutes makes it clear that this bikini is Lisa all over and she very clearly designed this with her own style in mind. Considering her blog is all about giving readers a look into her style and provides an area for recommended shops, it makes sense that her readers would want a bikini that is something she would wear.

seewantshop leopard front smaller dimen

Her second bikini is very different and brings a little edge to her collection which is something that can be seen in her own style in the way she mixes her outfits up.

While her first bikini was quite vintage and classic with the choice of top and bottom, this one is very now and very modern.
The halter neck tri ties up around the neck and around the back and paired with the simple briefs, it is the definition of on-trend. Simple small bikini’s have been the must haves in swimwear since small bikini’s first emerged onto the scene and remain to be the style most people go for.
However small, this bikini is far from simple. Completely leopard print from seam to seam it’s bold and edgy being in-style with a rock ‘n’ roll flair. This bikini is the complete opposite to the first one yet also perfectly encompasses it with a contrast of light and dark.
The leopard print on the small bikini helps minimize this sometimes overbearing pattern to add just a touch of feline to the look and allowing the skin to break it up.

You can tell that both of these sum up her and her style wonderfully allowing readers to get her look.

Lisa brought both her minimal and edgy style aspects to her designs bringing about her own flair and keeping things true to herself. She is a great addition to the Kini Swimwear/blogger designed collection; she not only brings her relatable style to custom swimwear but also shares the same vision. Her light-hearted almost beachy character and element to her street style fits in perfectly with us and these bikini’s; styled with the customer in mind as well as personal aesthetic choices.

By Sheree Di-Lorenzo

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