Rossetto Blog x Kini Swimwear

It may be winter in Portugal, but not for Rossetto who told us she designed her perfect bikini for the reason that ‘summer is whenever I want,’ our kind of feeling exactly. Rossetto blog is a gorgeous hub of style advice and fashion photography, giving us inspiration all the way from Europe. Rossetto designed a stunning two piece in anticipation of hotter climates and she said that she is ‘really counting down the months to be able to use my perfect bikini.’ And we don’t blame her, especially with this stunning creation lying ready for action.


Rossetto chose an iconic combination of cuts with a 1950’s style underwire paired with brief pants. She added a fold over to her briefs, which is a gorgeous way to update a classic style. This combination is a perfect choice for most figures, especially hourglasses, as the shapes help emphasize your curves and the matching colours balance out your shape. Rossetto has matched her colours using navy and white on both top and bottom, creating an elegant, nautical style two piece.


‘Dare I say this is the perfect bikini?’ she asks on her beautiful blog, yes, Rossetto, you dare, and yes, it really is a perfect piece of swimwear! Get designing swimwear perfect for you now over in our design room.

Georgie Morris

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