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Now that we are officially in summer, it’s time to splash out in a new swimsuit and Perth Now are here to give us ladies advice on styling to suit each body shape so you can look your best when you catch your next wave.

Fashion editor Kim Wilson knows how important it is to step out in a well fitting suit to look your best and boost self confidence when frolicking on the sand. Featuring a few sets of custom Kini Swimwear bathers throughout the post, each body shape is displayed with a pair of bikini’s to match each one and a little piece of advice to help pick the best pair when purchasing swimwear.

Matching your body shape to your suit helps to highlight your best features, boost others and in general flatter your body so you can look your best and in tern, make you feel good. And we know that feeling good is what it’s all about no matter what your shape is because, as Ms Wilson says, “you don’t have to have a model’s physique to turn heads.”

Swimwear for all bodies

Kini Swimwear Aztec twist bandeau $80 and briefs $55. Picture: David Caird.

Our Aztec bandeau and brief set help illustrate the rectangular body shape that has straight, symmetrical features top to bottom. For this body type almost everything looks good but the key is to take note of what it is you want to enhance. In this article, Perth Now takes note of a small bust and how it can be enhanced and made flattering by wearing a supported top with a little bit of padding. An under wired top can help push it up and create structure in that area. Even if the bust isn’t of particular concern, a structured top can make the bust look nicer and it can be a way to strategically give the illusion of a smaller bust anyway so it’s unnoticeable.

Kini Swimwear nautical halter top $70 and high-waist briefs $73. Picture: David Caird.

Kini Swimwear nautical halter top $70 and high-waist briefs $73. Picture: David Caird.

Triangular women can use their bikinis to draw attention to the top to help balance out the body. Even for those with bigger breasts, as featured here, a triangular top does that as well. A triangle halter top can also create more shape in the bust area and hold it together to give it the appearance of looking more rounded and perky. A low cut neck contours the inner breast and can make them pop. While with the bottoms, briefs work well to create shape and as they are smaller they won’t make the bottom half look too bulky. Balance.

IYA Tape Piece top $69.95 and Kini Swimwear leopard briefs $55. Picture: David Caird.

Kini Swimwear leopard briefs $55. Picture: David Caird.

Athletic, slim and straight builds have the advantage of working with almost anything and work especially well with sporty style suits. As this body shape is usually quite small all over, using a swimsuit to flatter it works best. Our leopard briefs are a classic choice that suit the frame and maintain that delicate feel. A sporty top with a square neck creates a build on top to make this frame look slightly more top heavy and the material provides something extra to the overall look without looking to minimal.

Kini Swimwear Aztec bralette top $75 and briefs $55. Picture: David Caird.

Kini Swimwear Aztec bralette top $75 and briefs $55. Picture: David Caird.

Pear shapes can benefit from shaping on top and small basic briefs on the bottom. A triangle top does the same here as it does with a triangular body shape, it contours and shapes the area as well as helping to make it look fuller and more fitted. Briefs and boylegs are ideal for this body shape as they also do the same magical contouring and shapes the backside. Smaller bikini bottoms also help to make that area slightly smaller and more refined to better balance out the frame.

Kini Swimwear polka dot one piece $255. Picture: David Caird.

Kini Swimwear polka dot one piece $255. Picture: David Caird.

Rounder, apple body shapes can benefit from one pieces and suits that will enhance the best features on the body (or whatever you think is your best feature.) Perth Now uses our polka dot one piece with a fitted, structured bandeau top to illustrate how to do just that. This top helps to form fit the bust area for a more structured and firm look that brings further attention to the top area. A one piece also helps to control the body and dress it up with more fabric to create a well-rounded look. Of course two pieces work just as well especially if you pair a structured, wired top with high waisted briefs that will bring attention to a perfect bust and create a contoured look to the bottom.

While every body-shape is different, even within the different body shapes and each person has different preferences, there is always a way to dress up a shape with a great set of bathers. Perth Now acknowledges the different types and what to do to help flatter it while also giving women ideas and inspiration to help pick out their ideal pair. Using our bikini’s on the models helps to illustrate this and especially because our custom kini’s allow you to choose the size for both top and bottom rather than a one-size-for-both kind of deal. Making it great for all shapes to get what they want.

By Sheree Di-Lorenzo

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