New swatch colour added, Au Naturel

We at Kini Swimwear love adding new functionality to our Kini Swimwear Designer to allow users to be able to create swimwear that really shows their creativity. Therefore we are excited to announce a new colour to our swatch range, the new swatch is called Au Naturel.

Au Naturel uses a new revolutionaty colour technology that allows the ultimate in freedom and comfort really allowing the wearer to show their true inner self. It is the culmination of years of evolutionary devlopment that has been shaped and reshaped as conditions have helped guide its creation.

Emily Pinniger, Kini Swimwear COO, said “This swatch really allows the material to breathe and helps bring any design to life with its realistic style design and texture”

Like with all options inside the Kini Swimwear designer this colour was added after it passed the beta program testing. This is a selected user group inside the Kini Swimwear user base that will be asked for feedback on new and upcoming options along with existing designer options.

Faith Leeves, head of Kini Swimwear design, who worked on designs for the new range said “Feedback from our beta testing was positive and reflected the fact that many could show a side not often seen in public”.

This colour has been so popular in testing that we will only be making it available for the 1st of April.

To find out more about the Kini Swimwear designer click here for a tutorial or click here to start designing

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