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The launch party for our first pop up store may have been last week, but it continues to live on within the pages of the internet with the help of a feature on Style Hunter all about the event and Kini’s first ever little store. Combined with our own photos that were taken during the launch, Style Hunter gives you a complete run down of what happened just in case you missed it.

Style Hunter editor Jordy Komesarook captured our brand perfectly in her post summarising us up with why we do what we do, “You love the print, hate the style. The top fits perfectly, the bottoms are too big.” Her intro flowed seamlessly into the rest of the post.

But the launch is, however, what we came to see and our little event was covered completely in this post. She wrapped it up tightly with a little bow on top, describing how it went down so readers could feel like they were there themselves. Mentioning our racks of bikini’s hung up on coat hangers in every size and style for customers to pick from and our design hub at the front of the store which had three IPad’s on white wooden crates ready for customers to design their own in store with the examples found in front of them. Now the launch can be re-lived.

Out of the selection of images we provided, they chose the few that perfectly illustrated the event and told the story of the night which complimented their article. The images bring the words to life. Our store front was the first image selected to show readers how it looked from outside so that no one missed out. Details of the store, the launch favours and guests were filtered throughout the post to give everyone a sense of being there and the main aspects of what the night consisted.

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If you happened to miss the pop up, don’t fret. Style Hunter’s post pretty much sums it all up completely with details and our photos to make you feel like you didn’t miss a thing.

-Sheree Di-Lorenzo
Photo’s on Style Hunter by Sheree Di-Lorenzo taken for Kini Swimwear. 

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