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How to wear the racer top whatever your shape

The racer top style is this summers staple piece, seen everywhere from the catwalk to your local beach and here at Kini we are in love with the bold new style that is shaking up swimwear. Tying in to this seasons hottest trend, Sports Luxe, the racer top creates an athletic aesthetic which looks great on every figure.

Racer top bikini new styles
Images taken from Jets and Seafolly.

We are so excited to unveil the racer top as the newest addition to our collection of customisable bikinis, but we realise that is a fairly daunting shape to pull off for most women. But fear not, we think that this style is flattering on every shape, so we have put together some tips to make the racer work for you whatever your body shape!

If you aren’t sure what body type you are, take a look at our handy guide first.

Hourglass Shape

The racer top works wonders on hourglass shaped girls, as it cuts off at the smallest part of your waist, helping to emphasise your beautiful natural curves. Vintage styles work best on your classic screen siren body, so think about pairing your top with high waisted pants to further exaggerate your figure, as the top of these pants will also cut off at your waist rather than hips.


Colour blocking your racer top and high waisted pant is a great trick for hourglass shapes, as different colours can make your body appear disproportionate. So think about using the same bold pattern or print for both top and bottom. You can still mix your colours or patterns, of course, but we would suggest matching your top and bottom. Racer tops are great for the sports luxe style, so you could experiment with neon brights with some black details.

Triangle Shape

The triangle, or pear, is the most common female body shape, which is noted for being wider in the hips and slightly smaller in the bust. Swimwear, for triangles, works best when the eye is drawn upwards to the bust area, so you have a head start with this style, as the eye will instantly be attracted to this bold top. For further emphasis toward your top half, customise your swimwear with a bright or patterned top, paired with a darker shade of bottoms. As nautical is huge this season, we had a go at designing a nautical set which we think would work perfectly on a triangle shape. Here, the eye is naturally drawn to the patterned top and the horizontal stripes create a sneaky bust widening illusion. For more tips on rocking stripes this summer, take a look here!

Racer top triangle shape

Kini is all about the little touches that mark your swimwear as truly individual, so we love the zipper which can be added to the racer top. If you are feeling a little daring, the zipper is a great way to draw attention to the top half of your body as it can maximise your bust. We would recommend pairing this top with our brief style pant, as high cut bottoms are the most flattering for your shape, but avoid the temptation of adding frills and ties to your bottom, as a plain block colour is best for slimming down your hips and thighs.

Racer top zip
Image taken from Pinterest.

Inverted Triangle Shape

Top heavy ladies, you know how difficult it can be to find a bikini which supports you properly, but like the halter top, the racer can provide a better hold than traditional strappy bikinis. The high, slim line neck draws focus away from wider shoulders, however, if you are worried about this, the cap sleeved racer that Kini offers may be a perfect solution for you. Brands such as Seafolly are touting the cap sleeved racer bikini top as a staple this summer, and we love the support it offers whilst still being a truly fashion forward piece.

Cap short sleeves racer top
Image taken from Seafolly.

To balance out your shape, we would suggest a retro or brief style pant, to which you can customise with frills, ties or a belt. Details such as this will help to balance your figure perfectly. Mixing prints is also a great idea for your shape, but we suggest using louder colours or patterns on your bottoms with plainer or darker styles on top. Clashing swimwear prints is a big hit for swimwear this season, take a look at our collaboration with style queen Bianca Melb for some further inspiration on mixing your prints.

Racer top customise short sleeves
Have a play around in our Design Gallery for ideas on embellishing your bottoms!

Apple Shape

For ladies with a fuller bust and rounded stomach, the racer top may seem a daunting prospect, but it really shouldn’t! Like Inverted Triangles, Apples should avoid strapped bikinis as they can broaden your shoulders, so the racer style is a great option for you alongside the halter. If you have larger arms, you could think about balancing your shape with the high fashion twist on the tankini, the long sleeved racer. Heralded by The Daily Mail as ‘summers new silhouette’, the long sleeved cropped top provides both high fashion and extra coverage for those who aren’t confident with their upper body.

Racer top sleeves Suboo
Suboo launched their take on the long sleeved bikini at Miami Fashion Swim Week earlier this year.

Colour blocking with this style could make you appear a little top heavy, so have a go at clashing colours and prints on your swimwear. Try pairing your racer top with high cut pants to show off those fantastic legs Apples are known for!

Athletic Shape

Athletic shaped girls, rejoice! The racer style top was built for your body! Although the racer style works for every body shape, it is the perfect fit for girls with a more straight up and down appearance. This is because the top cuts across your figure at the perfect place, breaking up the illusion of straight lines and creating curves. The high style of neckline further adds to this effect. We would recommend adding brief or skinny bottoms to this style, as a lower slung waist line will flatter your figure, again breaking up the aesthetic of straight lines.


The gorgeous Amanda Bisk recently designed a racer style two piece with Kini, and we think it perfectly flaunts her athletic figure. By choosing to break down her bikini into horizontal layers of colour, Amanda widens and emphasises her curves whilst still showing off her toned athletic frame.


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