How We Make Our Swimwear


The journey to a great bikini starts by adding your measurements for perfect fit, choosing your design to highlight your best features, and then customising, to add your own twist to our range of pre-designed swimwear. Then, it’s up to us to transform your creation into a beautiful bespoke piece.

Kini Surfboard


Firstly, it is important to get the right fit. If you aren’t sure about your measurements, make sure you take a look at our measuring guide, to ensure that your swimwear will fit you perfectly. We are focused upon providing the perfect cut for your figure so for some advice and style suggestions take a look at our shop by shape page.

Our designs and fits are proudly made in Australia, with innovative updates to classic designs intended to improve the comfort and fit. Kini’s swimwear has been rigorously tried and tested by women of all ages and sizes for fit, flattery and confidence. Our selection panel comprise of only our strictest critics; us, our family, and our fussiest friends.

We have been extensive in fitting, testing and collecting feedback on our swimwear to ensure your Kini has a great fit right so you feel and look awesome! When at the beach or by the pool you shouldn’t be worrying about your swimsuit. Your bathers should feel like a second skin making you feel comfortable and confident, so you can worry about how much you are enjoying the sun and the water!

Custom Bikini


We give you the components of swimwear and you tell us how you want it put together, so really we’re only limited by your imagination. Pick your style, cup shape, embellishment and fabric, colour it in how ever you like and we’ll make it happen!

Each piece of Kini Swimwear is made to order. We do not mass produce one style to fit all body shapes and each piece is created according to the specifications you choose. Our master swimwear tailors have been making fashion swimwear for years using the same techniques and skills that you would expect from your premium swimwear label.

Kini Fashion


We’re a fussy bunch when it comes to quality, complete sticklers for detail, and obsessed with fashion. Which is why we’ve gone to great lengths to meticulously source material which has been carefully selected to enhance the look of your Kini, as well as being all water resistant, non-corrosive and safe for your swimsuit.

Our product has been extensively tested to make sure that the hardware and construction of your Kini is long lasting and will withstand your beach related adventures and lazy days by the pool.

We’re committed to offering styles, combinations and prints that are for fashion. From classic matts to metallics and a wide variety of trending and original prints. So whether you are looking to revisit an old favourite, or create something wild and completely revolutionary the tools you need are no further away than a click of the mouse!