The Monochrome Bikini X Everything Hauler – Rachael Dickhute

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Monochrome is having its time in the sun this summer proving to be a popular look with many choosing black and white for their own bikinis including blogger Rachael Dickhute. It’s not hard to see why it’s so popular, the black and white combo is classic. It has been featured on this years New York Fashion Week runway shows, constantly seen in street style and it makes an appearance in swimwear every season. Monochrome is revolutionary.

Black and white was first introduced into fashion when women went from being house wives to worker bees in 1910 and needed clothes that would suit their new environment. It symbolised the dark times and death that was World War I. Since then monochrome has became a staple as necessity grew into style with Coco Chanel marking its place in history with the Little Black Dress. With Chanel came elegance and black clothing was seen as simply chic, proven by the likes of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s with her iconic LBD.


Once black became the shade of elegance, adding white naturally followed. The contrast between the black and the white, especially against one another, looks appealing because the opposite shades stand out against one another. The white breaks up a dark look, while the black add’s some dimension to a too-bright ensemble. The combination can be worn casually, to work, on the beach or formally and it works well in every situation making it versatile. It’s the perfect fail safe and will always look great.

Monochrome is a trend that isn’t a trend – it’s popular and a go-to choice by, everyone really, and it has stuck around. A trend is something that is popular for a certain amount of time; it pops up and revolutionises fashion but eventually fades and becomes a trend of the past. Monochrome, on the other hand, continues to hold a strong grip.

In swimwear monochrome as a trend never fades, it has always been and always will be the style that beach goers love. Just like with all swimwear, trends and looks are influenced by and derived from fashion and the trends made by the iconic designers.

Monochrome is associated with all things vintage and is the combo that defines pin up swimwear; stripes and polka dots especially. It suits anyone and any skin tone and is the perfect mix of dark and light making it ideal for those not so partial to colour but not wanting to be too dark. For those who’s personal style is very “classic and sleek” like Racheals’ is, a monochrome bikini will suit that allowing street style to translate to the sand. In beachwear it’s mature and feminine, the sleek black and white is sophisticated and effortless. The combinations and styles are endless too, allowing thousands of variations to this basic look so tailoring to suit personal tastes is easy. Just like Audrey and her monochrome look, this bikini style is timeless – like Rachael with her classic tuxedo bikini.

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-Sheree Di-Lorenzo

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