Bianca Melb build your own bikini

Bianca Melb Clashes with Kini

Clashing prints are hot news for summer, and here at Kini we love to see your designs coming in with unexpected combinations of florals mixed with stripes or animal prints paired with polka dots. We collaborated earlier this month with fashion blogger Bianca Melb, who created a stunning bespoke bikini in three clashing prints.

Bianca is trendsetter in her hometown of Melbourne, and her blog and Instagram are often dedicated to replicating items she pictures. Here at Kini, we loved her stylish and unique fashion sense, so we gave her the tools to create her own bikini. We believe that with all the options we offer, you are only limited by your own imagination, but Bianca certainly didn’t face any limits whilst creating her truly unique two piece!

Bianca Melb Custom Kini

Bianca Melb Custom swimwear

Bianca’s bikini combines navy nauticals, florals and a splash of pastel green, a combo which seems unusual but pulls together seamlessly. This is because she has chosen two opposing prints which share a common colour palate, the white background of her French floral print ties in perfectly with the white stripes she has chosen for her nautical panels. The gorgeous pastel green frill also perfectly complements the greens in her floral pattern. By tying in her combination by colour scheme, Bianca makes her bikini unique yet coordinated.

Bianca Melb clashing prints

Bianca Melb build your own bikini

You may be initially apprehensive about mixing prints, and understandably so, as for years we have known clashing prints to be a massive fashion faux-pas. But the tide has well and truly turned and this bold style is the height of fashion this season.

Try just adding a small panel or splash of a contrasting colour if you aren’t too confident with clashing your prints but want to give it a try. For example, you could add a polka dot panel to your animal print bottoms or, as pictured, add a floral frill to a nautical bikini.

Stripes trend florals

Image taken from our Instagram see more here.

One simple rule that will keep your design cohesive is to stick to a similar colour palette. So, like Bianca, go wild with your prints but stay within a certain spectrum of colours. This is one of our favourite bikinis with clashing prints and it works so beautifully because of the way that the colours all tie in to each other.

Clashing prints build your own bikini

Image taken from our Instagram see more here.

Alternately, you could mix it up by sticking to the same style but with different prints or colours. Model Rachael Finch looks incredible in her sports luxe themed bikini, which mixes three different colours together. It works because the basic style of her swimwear ties together the different colours.

Rachael finch bikini clashing prints
Image taken from The Daily Mail.

Like Bianca, try using either stripes or spots as one of your prints. As they are both simple, classical prints they are the easiest to mix with a more outrageous style and the polka dot or nautical pattern can be used as a background for your louder pattern. Take a look at our guides for more ideas on mixing spots or stripes.

Clashing prints
Image taken from our Instagram see more here.

Have a go at mixing your own styles on our design room now.
Happy clashing!

Georgie Morris

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